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Now that I have a tiny bit of time in between my classes, I thought I would pop onto the internet and see if I could talk to some of my friends (AIM, MSN, YIM, dA, y!Gallery, LiveJournal, etc.)

But since no one is responding , I thought that I would start writing journal entries in dA, LiveJournal, and YGallery.

Well, here is my journal. I wanted to know if I should start a club on dA, or YGallery. Of course it shall be a yaoi club. I am stuck between Dragonball Z, or just allaround yaoi, with tons of smexy yaoiness ensuing soon after.

But, yeah, thats my problem...

Oh wait, I have another problem.

I'm boooooored!!!

So, I was wondering if anyone who RPed, Yaoi RP, could IM me over AIM, MSN, or YIM. I would loooooove to RP with you.

I RP Ukes/Bottoms/Submissives mostly, but I have a few Semes/Tops/Dominants, but not in the whole "Bend over bitch. " kind of dominant.... More of a mellow type of dominant....

Know what I mean?

Anyway, I RP Fandoms, and Original characters.

Fandoms include:

DBZ(Any series of DBZ)
Sailor Moon
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy (VII,VIII,X,X-2,XII)
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Card Captor Sakura

Ive grown quite fond of Sexy superheros in tights...So some of those I RP include characters in :

Teen Titans
Justice League
Fantastic Four

And the list goes on and on and on!

But not just animes, cartoons, and video games, I also RP Fandoms of things such as:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

And so on

My originals include a variety of things such as :

Half-lings (half humans, half elves, etc)
Devils (Different from Demons)
Superheros (Such as XMen, etc etc)
Furries ( I shall RP cutie fluffy things to love upon )

But yes. That is the lovely list of stuff I RP.

I hope the person that IMs me, is mature, and intelligent enough to be able to , when they RP, write a post that is longer than two lines; I don't do one-liners. I also do not RP with someone who does not have at least some knowledge of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE! That means punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.

I am on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo.

Below I shall list my contact information:

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
YIM: PrincessSailorMuun@Yahoo.com
MSN: TornPaperAlchemist@hotmail.com

If you wish to RP, please IM me. I am nice, easy to get along with as long as the person I RP with is nice to me. I do not respect someone who does not respect me.

I hope to make tons of friends this way

I do have rules for RP though:

1. No one liners
2. Have respect for my ideas, as I shall for yours.
3. Use grammar please. If I get a post thats like this:

Yoo guyz is stoopid.

I will block the person so fast their grandchildren will feel the sting of it as they study proper English grammar.
4. If you wish to do a more mature RP (the rating for these can go from R to NC-17), then I want the person to be at least 17 years of age or older. I'm not getting in trouble cause some pervy little 13 year old wants to RP that kind of stuff with me.
5. Have fun! RP is supposed to be fun, not a job . So please, don't freak out if you make a spelling mistake, or a grammar mistake some times, I'm human too and I will make mistakes.

I say this because I once RPed with someone who flipped out at me because I accidentally misspelt their character's name, they yelled at me, told me to "fuck off" and they blocked me, never to be seen again...

So, dont worry. I may have asked for good grammar, but I don't expect PERFECT grammar. No one is perfect, not even my college English professors.

So lots of love,

Uke Son Goku-chan
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How are you all doing?

I havent posted in a long time but here I am.

I hope I get a lot of IMs from here. I have gotten quite a few people wanting to RP with me, and I hope I meet more.

Well, I dont really have a lot of time to post a hideously long post, so I have to go to my next class.

Sorry for the short post, I will write more later on when I get out of class.

Lots of love,

Uke Son Goku-Chan

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This is Halloween
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I am so sorry for not being on for so so long. I have been very busy over the past few...eh...months. With a great deal of papers and tests and projects and all kinds of things driving me absolutely insane.

But I am back now!!!I am also in search for RP partners and new friends! YAY for all! :D

Well, I don't have long to write, I'll send more Journals later.

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Sen no Kotoba/1000 Words
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I'm sorry for not having been on in so long. I had been very busy at my school with all my papers and bibliograpies and the hundreds of pages I had to read in between every two days or so, that I had no time to get on here.

But I'm back now and I'm still on the hunt for DBZ yaoi RPers. Anyone who RPs DBZ ,or Inu Yasha or any kind of Yaoi RP, that is mature, and can also RP originals , not just fandoms, please message me.

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
MSN: TornPaperAlchemist@hotmail.com

So please ,if you want to RP, just message me over one of those. Thanks.

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Lala Land
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Galaxia's Musicbox
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I am in search of seme RPers for DBZ Yaoi RP, as well as many others. But at the moment, I will not waste any of your time advertising myself off, for now, I will tell you of what will happen between the 10 days of November 18, till November 28. Due to the fact that I have to go home for Thanksgiving break, and that my home has no internet connection of any kind, I will be unable to get onto the internet, or any kind of messenger service.

If you wish to RP, please send me an email at PaperAlchemistTerri@yahoo.com. Tell me what you wish to RP, the couple and the anime/video game/ and if you want to RP originals, the species of your character, and the situation. Also tell me the predicted ratings.

I hope you all have a nice thanksgiving break.

Enjoy Turkey Day,
Lots of Love,

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Hello all! If anyone would like to RP with me, in this lovely journal update, I am searching for DB/Z/GT yaoi. I will post up more updates for different yaoi RPs I would love to do. For now, in this one its just DBZ.
I am in search of a dominant Role Player who does not mind RPing DBZ with me. Someone mature because the ratings will go from R to NC-17. And someone who doesn't mind saiyajincest, shota and hardcore yaoi action, there will be lots of it.

I role play: Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Burori(Brolli)(Uke only to Vegeta,Piccolo,and Super Buu) and Yamcha, Bardock(Uke to Vegeta,Goku and Radditz), Radditz(uke only to Vegeta and Bardock)
I am in search of a : Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Son Goku, Brolli, Vegeta, Piccolo, Super and Kid Buu, Tien, Turles, Nappa, Reccoome, and many other people.
I am interested in these pairings:
Goku x Vegeta, Goku x Piccolo, Goku x Super/Kid Buu, Goku x Brolli, Goku x Turles, Goku x Nappa, Goku x Recoome
Gohan x Vegeta, Gohan x Piccolo, Gohan x Super/Kid Buu, Gohan x Brolli, etc etc.

I also wish to have Goku x (Future/Teen/Preteen/Chibi)Gohan, Gohan x (Chibi/Teen)Goten, Goku x (Chibi/Teen)Goten, Vegeta x Trunks(Future/Teen/Chibi), Chibi Goku x Bardock, Chibi Goku x Radditz, etc etc.

If you wish to RP with me, any of the before mentioned couples or if you can think of any you would like to do,please contact me.

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
Yahoo: PaperAlchemistTerri
MSN: TornPaperAlchemist@Hotmail.com
E-Mail: PaperAlchemistTerri@Yahoo.com
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I am so sorry I haven't written in so long. Ive been busy at my school so Ive had very little time to post in here. Anyway, Ive got nothing to report, nothing special going on.
Ive got Kingdom Hearts, Dragonball Z Budakai, Full Metal Alchemist, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica the video games for presents, some of them, namely DBZ and Resident Evil, I got each for under $20 bucks.
Ive got several announcements -Just remembered now as he was writing.-
1. I am in need of an artist, someone who can draw fairly well. I want to begin an online/webcomic, but my drawing skills are not all that great, so I thought me and the artist would become a team. I write the chapters of the story and he draws them out, and therefor were got 50% of the credit each. If anyone is interested in this, E-Mail me at PaperAlchemistTerri@Yahoo.Com
2. I am in need of Role Players. I have begun a forum RPG and I need people to join. If anyone wishes to join IM me over AIM, MSN or Yahoo Messenger. My IDs are in my profile I believe, and my email is PaperAlchemistTerri@Yahoo.Com
3. I am in need of Yaoi Role Players. I need someone to RP with over AIM, MSN or Yahoo. So if you are a person who believes themselves to be mature, and a fairly good RPer, who RPs yaoi, dominant characters from any anime, and or video game, and even created characters, then IM me over AIM, MSN or Yahoo messenger or email me at PaperAlchemistTerri@yahoo.com
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I am creating an online comic. At least I want to. I am in need of an artist. I am not all that good at drawing so I need someone who can draw and can scan the pictures onto the net, or can draw on the computer using some kind of program or somethin. I write the chapters, they draw out the manga. We both get equal credit for the comic. It will be a yaoi, and mature comic which may contain graphic scenes.
The person must know how to draw male anatomy if that is enough of a hint to show how mature it will get. Also, I need someone who I can contact over AIM or Yahoo.

I hope that I get some kind of response. If you wish to become my artist, please IM me on HghSummonerYuna, or VTarnishedAngel, those are my AIM screennames. Also, please, if you can, give me a sample of your work. I want a person who can draw fairly decent.

So if you want to help, IM me on AIM, or email me at PaperAlchemistTerri@yahoo.com.

-Thank you

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Woo! Anyway. If people can see this beautiful livejournal...hehe..Please IM me on my AIM screenname. I need dominant yaoi RPers for RP storylines. I need someone to RP with and its a good way to make friends online. So please IM me.
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My LiveJournal Username of old used to be ukekaka4veggie. If you have that screenname as a friend, please add this one too. I would also like to say that I am searching for RPers. Dominant, yaoi RPers, as well as nonyaoi RPers to do RP with. I RP a lot and I would like to find people to make SLs with and RP with. So if you want to RP with me, IM me on HghSummonerYuna.
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